Here at Avrex Money, we consider carrying Credit Card debt… yes, Evil.

However, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing credit cards to pay for every day living expenses (groceries, gas, etc.) that you need to pay for anyway. The important thing is to make sure that you diligently pay off your balance each and every month. Paying interest rates of 19% is for suckers.

Now since you are using a credit card responsibly, you might as well take advantage of the great rewards that credit cards will offer customers for their business.

The fine folks at have put together a cool Credit Card comparison tool. It’s easy to use. You just plug in your typical credit card purchases for the month, and the tool shows you the most optimal card for your needs. After I plugged in my numbers, which includes $3,000 in monthly spending, I noticed that the credit card that I currently use, the MBNA Rewards card, will provide $370 in rewards cash annually.

Click on the photo below to give the Credit Card comparison tool a try.


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