Welcome to AvrexMoney.com!

Who am I?
My online name is Avrex.
I don’t have six-figure salary.
I don’t have a gold-plated defined benefit pension plan.
I’m just a regular 9-5 working guy, trying to earn and save enough money, to attain my goal of financial independence.

I’m a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Investor. Why?
Because no one cares more about your money than you!

Over the years, I have always enjoyed reading and researching personal finance issues. At AvrexMoney.com, I want to share my insights and opinions on ‘Personal Finance and Investing’ topics. If I can post something that helps a reader make a better financial decision, then that would be satisfying to me.

This is not a how-to-get-rich-quick-through-investing website. Instead, steady contributions to savings and prudent investing wins the race.

I advocate a passive, low-cost investing approach. This means ensuring that your portfolio
has low-cost ETFs and avoiding expensive Mutual Funds and commissions. Your time commitment to such a portfolio is minimal. You only need to spend a few hours each quarter to review and re-balance. For most people, that’s all that is needed to succeed.

Even though I advocate passive investments for most people, the Avrex portfolio contains active investments. By active investments, I refer to the trading of individual stocks and options

Why active investments? I have had investing success, exceeding the returns of the benchmark index. Also, I have the interest and devotion to research potential investment opportunities.

The website tag line states:
Avrex Money utilizes Econometrics to enhance expected value of investments.

What is Econometrics?
Econometrics allow me to apply my passion for statistics and mathematics towards the analysis of fundamental variables of individual securities and the economy.

I have utilized Econometrics when making personal investment decisions.
I have developed my own methods of evaluating expected return and risk.
I have continued to update and improve these methods over time.

My future investing posts will share with you the results of my research and analysis in using Econometrics.

Please note that I do not work in the financial sector. Even though I am passionate about investing, I am not an expert and have no formal professional designations. My investment philosophy/strategies are my solely own and may not be a proper fit for you. Consult your own professional advisor and do your own research.

My Goal – Financial Independence

My personal goal is to gain financial independence (i.e. early retirement), as soon as possible.

I don’t want to work until I’m 65 years old. I have other interests, outside of working, that I would like to have more time to pursue, and gain satisfaction from.

Financial independence allows you to do whatever you want. This could mean travel, recreation, writing a book, a personal project, and yes, even continuing to work (at a less stressful job).

By taking an interest in ‘personal finance and investing’ and educating ourselves, I believe we can all reach this goal sooner.

If my philosophy sounds similar to yours, feel free to subscribe below and check out the website contents.

Thanks for joining me,