How to successfully bid on Priceline Hotels

My wife and I just completed a vacation of several southern US cities. The biggest travel cost that you incur is accommodation. I decided to use Priceline to book our hotels for this vacation. I’m glad I did. I believe Priceline offers tremendous savings over other booking websites (like Expedia,, etc.) Our hotel needs […]

Canadian REITs – The Vanguard REIT ETF brings cost relief

In Canada, our REIT ETF choices have been limited. The iShares REIT product is ‘the gorilla’ in this arena with Assets under management (AUM) of approximately 1.4 billion dollars. The younger BMO REIT ETF has been steadily growing, but only has about a quarter of the assets that the iShares product has. These two companies […]

Are you invested in Mutual funds? Congratulations, you’ll now be working an additional 3 years.

[November is “Financial Literacy month”. Bloggers are participating in the “Blog for Financial Literacy” campaign by sharing their ‘best financial tip’ with their readers.] Many investors don’t realize it, but the high Management Expense Ratios (MER) of Mutual Funds are slowly eroding their personal life savings. Let’s compare the characteristics of the two main investment […]

Canadian (TSX) Dividend ETFs

Which Canadian Dividend ETF should I add to my portfolio? Here are the three biggest Dividend ETFs in Canada. Canadian Dividend ETF Name Symbol MER Yield BMO Canadian Dividend ETF ZDV 0.35 % 5.20 % iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index Fund XDV 0.55 % 3.85 % iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index Fund […]