Best Canadian Consumer Defensive Stocks

by Avrex on March 30, 2014

Are you looking for stable, low-beta stocks that pay a dividend?
How about the Canadian Consumer Defensive sector.

Here’s a ranked list, for your further investigation.

Avrex RankTickerCompanyIndustryDividend YieldP/E
1MRU.TOMetroGrocery Stores1.50%8.8
2PJC.A.TOJean Coutu Group PJCPharmaceutical Retailers1.80%9.3
3EMP.A.TOEmpireGrocery Stores1.40%11.7
4CLR.TOClearwater SeafoodsPackaged Foods1.20%23.5
5ATD.B.TOAlimentation Couche-TardGrocery Stores0.50%18.1
6LAS.A.TOLassonde IndustriesPackaged Foods1.50%15.8
7WN.TOGeorge Weston LimitedGrocery Stores2.20%17.4
8ADW.A.TOAndrew PellerBeverages - Wineries & Distilleries2.90%10.8
9ATD.A.TOAlimentation Couche-TardGrocery Stores0.50%18.3
10L.TOLoblaw Companies LimitedGrocery Stores2.30%17.9
11SAP.TOSaputoPackaged Foods1.90%19.3
12CBY.TOCanada Bread CompanyPackaged Foods2.80%24
13CSW.B.TOCorby Spirit and WineBeverages - Wineries & Distilleries3.60%20.3
14BCB.TOCottBeverages - Soft Drinks2.80%21.1
15DOL.TODollaramaDiscount Stores0.60%26
16CSW.A.TOCorby Spirit and WineBeverages - Wineries & Distilleries3.60%20.6
17NWC.TONorth West CompanyGrocery Stores4.40%18.9
18RSI.TORogers SugarConfectioners6.60%16
19HLF.TOHigh Liner FoodsPackaged Foods1.60%33.8
20TPX.B.TOMolson Coors BrewingBeverages - Brewers2.30%20.5
21BR.TOBig Rock BreweryBeverages - Brewers4.50%33
22GCL.TOColabor GroupFood Distribution4.90%-
23PBH.TOPremium Brands IncomePackaged Foods5.60%33.3
24KPT.TOKP TissueHousehold & Personal Products4.20%-
25AGT.TOAlliance Grain TradersFarm Products3.70%-
26BRB.TOBrick BrewingBeverages - Brewers0.00%-
27SOY.TOSunOptaPackaged Foods0.00%-
28LWP.TOLegumex WalkerFarm Products0.00%-
29MFI.TOMaple Leaf FoodsPackaged Foods1.00%33.3

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Normally at AvrexMoney, we discuss topics on Investing and Saving you money.
Today, we’ll take a little detour as I share with you one of my other passions.
The Olympics. And more specifically, Canada at the Olympics.

How will Canada perform at these Olympics?
To get the answer, let’s look and see what the bookmakers are saying. We’ve analyzed the bookmaker odds for each of the 98 Events at this year’s Olympics.

Country Medal Standings – Predicted Based on Bookmaker Odds
If everything went ‘exactly’ according to the book, here’s what the Predicted Country Medal Standings would look like. (Only countries with 10 or more medals are dislayed.)

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Norway 18 14 12 44
2 USA 17 9 12 38
3 Canada 13 13 4 30
4 Germany 8 10 7 25
5 Austria 6 6 2 14
6 South Korea 6 4 4 14
7 Netherlands 5 6 5 16
8 Switzerland 5 3 2 10
9 Russia 3 8 8 19
10 China 3 4 3 10
11 France 2 6 4 12
12 Sweden 0 3 8 11

Canada would place a very respectable 3rd place, when looking at both the total medals won and the number of gold medals. A 3rd place finish would make this Canadian blogger very proud, as we would have surpassed the totals of other strong sporting nations such as Germany and the host nation of Russia.

However, the count of 13 Gold medals, based on the bookmaker’s odds, is somewhat optimistic.

Below, I’ve listed 17 Key Events for Canada. The Bookmakers show that Canadians have a slight edge in 13 out of 17 of these events. But statistically, for many of these head-to-head matches, the outcome might be similar to a coin flip, with Canada having a slight edge (for example, 60% vs 40%) in 13 of these events. This would mean that realistically, Canada could take home 10 or 11 gold medals. Still an excellent showing for Canada.

17 Key Events for Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics

  1. Bobsleigh – Women : Humphries (Can) vs Meyers (USA)
  2. Curling – Women : Canada vs Sweden and Great Britain
  3. Curling – Men : Canada vs Sweden and Great Britain
  4. Figure Skating – Ice Dance : Virtue/Moir (Can) vs Davis/White (USA)
  5. Figure Skating – Men : Patrick Chan (Can) vs Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan)
  6. Figure Skating – Team : Canada vs Russia
  7. Freestyle Skiing – Ladies’ Moguls : Justine Dufour-Lapointe (Can) vs Hannah Kearney (USA)
  8. Freestyle Skiing – Ladies’ Ski Slopestyle : One of these Canadians needs to step up and take the gold: Dara Howell (Can), Kaya Turski (Can)
  9. Freestyle Skiing – Men’s Moguls: One of these Canadians needs to step up and take the gold: Mikael Kingsbury (Can), Alexandre Bilodeau (Can)
  10. Ice Hockey – Men : Canada vs Russia
  11. Ice Hockey – Women : Canada vs USA
  12. Short Track – Men’s 500 m : Charles Hamelin (Can) vs Victor An (Rus)
  13. Short Track – Men’s 1000 m : Charles Hamelin (Can) vs Victor An (Rus)
  14. Short Track – Men’s 1500 m : Charles Hamelin (Can) vs Lee Han-Bin (South Korea)
  15. Short Track – Men’s 5000 m Relay : Canada vs USA
  16. Snowboard – Ladies’ Snowboard Cross : Dominique Maltais (Can) vs Lindsey Jacobellis (USA)
  17. Snowboard – Men’s Slopestyle : One of these Canadians needs to step up and take the gold: Mark McMorris (Can), Maxence Parrot (Can)

Bonus Time

If you are big Olympic fan, I’ve included some bonus material.

Below is the full Olympic Schedule, showing starting times (in Eastern Standard Time) as well as
an indicator showing if a Canadian medal hopeful is participating in the event.

I’ve also included the entire list of Medal predictions (based on bookmaker odds) for all 98 events.

Enjoy the Olympics. Go, Canada, Go!


If you find scrolling through these embedded frames cumbersome, you can also view these as Google Docs, here:
2014 Olympic Event Schedule
2014 Olympic Medal Prediction Odds


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